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We are a family-owned company with 20+ years of experience in sports speed and agility .

At God Goals Grind we have a true passion for helping  athletes, and we aim to continually develop the athletes through sports and speed training . Our goal remains the same: Put God first in everything you do . Set goals for what you’re trying to do and put in the work . We also aim to bridge the gap between the the different playing fields  that athletes have from high school to college and from college to the pro's that they need .

Coach Ken Pittman  started God Goals and Grind in 2004 with one goal in mind – innovating speed and agility technique to better serve athletes. My  20+ years of experience working and  operating a science and technology company enabled me to create God Goals and Grind  – now used by several athletes nationwide. Our  purpose here at God Goals Grind is to get you better at your sport by increasing your speed and improving your lateral movement  through muscle memory and quick twitch muscle that are used  by all athletes in every sport . Our company stems from our passion for the  player and the love of all sports and foundation in Football , Basketball and Track,  and is generally accepted in most physical science behind the sport.

Our team continues to build the God Goals and Grind brand and recognition in the speed and agility industry

About Us

Over 20 Years of experience

How Have We Managed To Stay In Business For So Long

*Aptitude      *Work ethic  *God's favor 

Our Contributions​

This Is How We Do It


Relationship with the youth

God Goals Grind has been involved in and always will be apart of the 757 youth leagues by parting with them . At God Goals Grind we believe it's easier to build a young  ball player than it is to fix a  older player with bad habits 


High school and college

God goals grind has been helping high schools and college players in the 757 area since 2004. With this we have developed relationships across the entire region in helping the landscape of what sports look like in the area.


The Pros and Cons

God Goals  Grind Believe that establishing good working relationships and partnerships with people that have actually played and worked at the Pro level . God Goals Grind currently have players coaches and executives that are involved with the NFL and NBA . With these relationships we have been able to witness work with and learn the latest and best techniques from the most elite professionals in their sport.

Need Help We Are Qualified To Help!

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