Sunday 23rd June 2024

About Us​

God Goals Grind

Our Ultimate Goal!​


At God Goals Grind  we have a true passion for helping the athletes, and we aim to continually develop technologies that can enhance the athlete and help them get to the next level. Our goal remains the same:  To bridge the gap between the different levels of the sport that athletes deserve/need and want to improve in their sport .

Coach Ken Pittman started God Goals Grind  in 2004 with one goal in mind – innovating techniques to better serve athletes that are trying to get to the next level of their sport . Over 20+ years of experience and hard work enabled us to create better ways to increase speed and agility now used by several athletes nationwide. The purpose of the company is simple and thats get better and faster at your sport and increase the athlete opportunities .

Need Help with Speed? We Are Experts!

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